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What Our Guests Are Saying About Villa Mariposa


July 16-23, 2016
We had a blast!!! Everything was better than we imagined. The food was amazing, the drinks were fantastic. This was the first bartender that made me throw in the towel from a great Long Island Iced Tea. For a well needed vacation, it was everything we hoped for and more! Hate to say "goodbye," so we will say "see ya later," and we will be back next year. Thanks for such a great time. Adios.
-- Fasho, Detroit, MI

March 28 - April 2, 2016
Thank you for taking very good care of us at Villa Mariposa. All the delicious meals and drinks! Great fishing with Antonio's boat - catching a beautiful Rooster fish–loved the snorkeling with Michael! Kendall took good care of us on a horseback ride and zipline trip. We stopped off at a place where we were tasting sugar cane juice. Hope to be back soon!
-- Ellen & Bob Harris, LaGrange, GA

What a great vacation! We enjoyed the zipline, horseback riding on the beach, fishing and snorkeling. We found lots of exciting things snorkeling and Michael was the best! We can't wait to visit again.
-- Bella & Nicole Smith :-), LaGrange, GA

February 6-13, 2016
Villa Mariposa and this country has surpassed any vacation hopes we could have imagined. The peaceful setting with the beautiful birds, the iguanas, families of monkeys and raccoons - so cool. Trips to Father Roosters added to the fun. Snorkeling around to Gringo Beach was a great adventures. We have loved being so spoiled by Douglas, Anabel, and Mariela - their sweet, kind presence has been so special. Would recommend Antonio's snorkeling trip and cave exploration. ATVs and ziplining were a highlight. Thank you to Kendall for being so helpful on that trip. "G" was great getting us to and from trips into Coco Beach. Allen was so helpful and knowledgeable. Loved Francisco's welcome the first day and his checks on us. No works can truly explain the feelings as we prepare to leave this paradise!
-- Tom & Karen Boyd, Jake Boyd
-- Randy & Sarah Hutchinson, Hartwell, GA

December 26, 2015 - January 2, 2016
We gathered our family together to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary, Brian and Leticia's 3rd anniversary, fun and adventures for son Craig and wife, Tina, and special moments for three grandchildren. View beautiful, weather spectacular, staff special - providing great food from Anabel, special attention from Luis our bartender to see every need met and a great sport playing cars with two year old! Our housekeeper kept our rooms cleaned with our own clothes washed daily. What a great time for all - ziplining, rafting, snorkeling, river exploration, and of course, the pool at the villa. Highly recommend this special place in truly a paradise!
-- Lee & Loretta McMaster, Ponte Vedra, FL / Ridgefield, CT
-- Brian & Leticia, Fairfield, CT
-- Craig & Tina, Purdys, NY

Costa Rica is a country you visit because you hear and see pictures of its natural beauty. Costa Rica is a country you return to because of its people. Anabel and Luis at Villa Mariposa were a huge part of our experience in Costa Rica, and we are grateful to be treated like family. We can't wait to see you again! Muchas gracias and God Bless.
-- Craig, Tina, Natalie, Devin & Shane McMaster, Purdys, NY

Thanksgiving Week, 2015
Everyone from Alan to Kendell and our wonderful house staff was superb! Anabel's food was yummy. Gerald anticipated our every need and Mariela kept the house spotless. We crammed in everything we could do – zip-lining, horseback riding, massages, water slide, mud baths, and Rosa came to the house for a private massage. The safari was special also. We love the people of Costa Rica.

-- The Frazier Four, San Fernando, CA

February 22 - March 1, 2015
We had a wonderful vacation. This villa (Mariposa) was perfect. The views are breathtaking. The staff was excellent. WE MEAN EXCELLENT, and so were the three meals each day. We never ate and drank so much in one week, especially me (Daisy) who eats like a bird. We went on Antonio's boat tour and saw different beaches and snorkeled, thanks to Jose & Michael who were so nice to me.

We went on a canopy tour, our first time to do zip-lining, what a great experience. We also went to El Coco beach and town, did some shopping and of course went for massages at Rosa's Five Star Salon and Spa. Natalia gave me a foot massage which was really, really good and Dan had a full body massage for two days.

I enjoyed practicing/learning my Spanish from Oscar, our bartender, Anabel our cook and Mariella who cleans our room and washes our clothes. A huge thanks to everyone – Oscar, Anabel, Mariella, Alan, Francisco, Antonio, Jose and Michael for making our first (but not last) vacation in Costa Rica a very memorable and enjoyable one. Last but not least, muchas gracia to JOE (Chepc) our friend/neighbor/one of the owners for recommending this place and letting us stay here. Muchisimas Gracias.
-- Daisy & Dan from Aurora/Woodstock, IL

July 2-7, 2016
We had such an amazing time here at Villa Mariposa. G & Ana were so kind! Ana made amazing meals and G was always asking us, "Would you like something to drink or are you finished?" They put so much effort and time into their jobs. We had an awesome experience ziplining, rock climbing, and rafting. Stephen was helping my two daughters and kept them safe during rafting. My husband and sons fished with Antonio's crew and had an amazing experience – snorkeling with them was perfect, too. We had relaxing massages and that was an amazing way to start the week. Pura vida!
-- The Huenes, Colorado

March 5-12, 2016
A week is never long enough when you find paradise. Great friends, breathtaking view, and stiff drinks are the perfect combination for an unforgettable trip. Every meal was phenomenal and every beverage was better than the last. Deep sea fishing, the canopy tour, the mud baths/hot springs, and simply lounging around the pool are some of the memories we'll carry with us forever. Thank you to the entire Villa Mariposa staff for treating us like family.
-- Mark & Rachal, Kyle & Viv, Brandon & Andrea, Chicago, IL / Saginaw, MI

January 17-24, 2016
We had a fantastic vacation with two great friends! Anabel makes the absolute best food, G is an amazing bartender, and Mariela did a great job all week with laundry and cleaning. We recommend Antonio's boat/snorkel tour and massages with Rosa and the gang. We know this will be a vacation spot we will come back to in the coming years. Thank you so much for the hospitality. Pura vida!
-- Stephen & Leesa Welsh, Pierre, SD

We had an amazing week with our two best friends. Allan was very knowledgeable and helpful setting up our tours. Absolutely *LOVED* Anabel's cooking. Every meal was so delicious!! Gerald, or "G" as we called him, was an amazing bartender. Mariela did a good job with our laundry and cleaning. There isn't one bad thing to say. We'd recommend Antonio's boat/snorkel tour. It was wonderful! Also ask for Rosa and her girls - best massages. This was definitely one of the best vacations we've ever had! We'll be back for sure! Thank you so much for all of the great times and the memories. Pura vida.
-- Rory & Christina Rohrenbach, Meridian, ID

December 2015
Christmas 2015 & 35th Wedding Anniversary
Everything was more than we expected!!! The food :-) , drinks :-) , pool :-) , tours :-) , all of it. The staff was always on task and was one step ahead of our needs. Will definitely be back!!
-- The Minnesota Smiths: Rick Jill, Kayla, Clayton, Erica & Tory, Rosemont, MN

April 4-11, 2015
We loved every minute! We went to Easter church on Sunday. We went snorkeling with Antonio & Michael on Monday (highly recommend this trip). On Tuesday we went horseback riding, zip-lining and mud baths with Alan and Kendall. Wednesday we did a river trip to see crocodiles, monkeys, and iguana. Thursday we had massages here (also recommended). And Friday we went shopping at Coco Beach. We also ate everything Anabel cooked which was all very good. We especially liked the guacamole and pica de gallo. Oscar is the best and Mariella kept the place so nice and neat. It was one of our most relaxing vacations. We were here with our two daughters (16 and 4) and they really enjoyed everything too! We hope everyone else enjoys their stay at Villa Mariposa as much as we did! Peace! Pura Vida!
-- The Surcek Family from Lexington, SC

July 18-25, 2015
We arrived to a warm welcome at the villa and a startling view off the back porch! The scene was better than we ever expected. With five in our party, ages 5, 25, 29, 41, and 56, we really present a broad demographic. Every single one of us fell in love with Mariposa. This cozy cottage on the side of the mountain is a perfect escape from work and stress.

Our excursions (a day of snorkeling / monkey watching / cave exploring / beach time and a day of zip-lining / horseback riding / mud baths / water slides) were so much fun for all of us. The food was delicious and plentiful; more than we ever could eat! The staff – Gerald, Annabel, and Mariela were wonderful.

Of all the great things about this trip, my favorite was the simplest – sitting by the pool with a good book enjoying the view. Oh, how I will miss the view! Just lovely! Thank you to all who made our stay so enjoyable!

From the Five Year Old: I loved swimming in the pool every day, digging in the sand on the beach, and going SUPER FAST on the water slide.
-- The Gaither Family, Edmond Oklahoma

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