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What Our Guests Are Saying About Villa Mariposa


January 27, 2018
Thank you so much for the amazing week at Villa Mariposa. The view of the ocean while eating breakfast is breathtaking. The staff was excellent. Daya was a wonderful cook and every meal she made was fresh and tasty. We drink to our hearts content thanks to Douglas’ attentiveness. The pool area and villa were both kept very clean throughout our stay. We all really enjoyed the waterfall in the pool it has a relaxing sound. Kendall took us to Palo Verde which was amazing. Thank you to all the staff. You made our trip amazing.
-- The Radichels, Minnesota

November 11, 2017
Extraordinary experience, excellent staff and mucho comida para todos. Sunday ran into Coco for 100% de agave, Monday on Ocatal Beach, Tuesday massages for four at the villa, Wednesday sport fishing with Allan and Nens for 10 big Dorado that feel the whole village, Thursday shopping at Coco Beach, and Friday all day at the pool. Just a perfect relaxing week at a beautiful natural setting . . . wildlife everywhere. Thanks to Girard for taking care of our every waking moments.
-- Joel and Cindy King, Escondido, CA

Here the last week with my brother and his wife from the San Diego area. Jan and I are from Georgia. Paradise on earth. We will be back for my next birthday as this was the best 65th anyone could have. Thanks to Bill Norman, Steve Poston and all the wonderful staff. Pura Vida.
-- Jan and Casey King

April 22–29, 2017
What can I possibly say about this magical place besides pure dreamy! This is our second time at the villas and it was as perfect as it was five years ago. It was so special to bring our four-year-old with us. We fell in love with Daya and Girard. They treated us like family. We never ever went without the best. My prayer for them is that God bless them as they have blessed my family. Thank you, staff, now our friends, from the bottom of our hearts. you will all hold a special place in the Champ Family. We hope that we don’t have to wait five years to see your smiling faces again. Muchas gracias pada todo!
-- Q, Rebecca and Lincoln, Houston, TX

February 4–11, 2017
Pura Vida! Daya, Girard and Mariella, we love you! Chilled, ate healthy, wonderful friends . . . all was perfect. Can’t wait to see you again!
-- Anna and Chris, Cincinnati, OH

Thank you. Super relaxing vacation. Beautiful, amazing, great staff. Can’t say enough. Till we meet again.
-- Chris and Kim, Cincinnati, OH

November 17, 2016
Wow. Incredible! Such heartfelt thanks go to our “First Costa Rican Family”– Dayanira, Girard and Marietta. Our hosts made us feel as such – family. There cannot be a preferred place to Villa Mariposa to truly experience Costa Rican hospitality. We trust that the future will grant us a return trip to this paradise. We felt welcomed, honored, pampered, and valued the moment we arrived. We ran rapid river water, zip lined, coasted calm river water and oh how we were “treated” by Rosa’s spa staff. But the best part is this lovely hacienda and more importantly, this incredible staff of host and hostess. We shall never forget this exquisite introduction to this lovely country of happy and gracious people. Until we meet again.
-- Michael and Sally Rinehart, Gig Harbor, WA

October 15, 2016
We will be sad to leave Villa Mariposa and the fantastic staff, especially Daya who is a wonderful cook whose meals were better than some first class hotels! Her daughter works very hard for a teenager and Girard was an awesome bartender. Nothing was too much of a problem for him. Great drinks. Had a boat trip and saw the whales – what a site. My hubby did two other trips while I had a full body massage, manicure and pedicure, and the best facial ever! Rosa is very accommodating and her staff is so well-trained. Allan was very helpful and Kendall an exceptional and knowledgeable guide when we did the tour of Liberia. We were here for two weeks celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary and this was the ideal spot. Thank you Daya, your lovely daughter, and Girard. We will miss you. Hasta la vista. Much love.
-- Sean and Robin Dick
P.S. lang may yer lums reek! (a Scottish saying)

July 16–23, 2016
We had a blast!!! Everything was better than we imagined. The food was amazing, the drinks were fantastic. This was the first bartender that made me throw in the towel from a great Long Island Iced Tea. For a well needed vacation, it was everything we hoped for and more! Hate to say "goodbye," so we will say "see ya later," and we will be back next year. Thanks for such a great time. Adios.
-- Fasho, Detroit, MI

March 28–April 2, 2016
Thank you for taking very good care of us at Villa Mariposa. All the delicious meals and drinks! Great fishing with Antonio's boat - catching a beautiful Rooster fish–loved the snorkeling with Michael! Kendall took good care of us on a horseback ride and zipline trip. We stopped off at a place where we were tasting sugar cane juice. Hope to be back soon!
-- Ellen & Bob Harris, LaGrange, GA

What a great vacation! We enjoyed the zipline, horseback riding on the beach, fishing and snorkeling. We found lots of exciting things snorkeling and Michael was the best! We can't wait to visit again.
-- Bella & Nicole Smith :-), LaGrange, GA

February 6–13, 2016
Villa Mariposa and this country has surpassed any vacation hopes we could have imagined. The peaceful setting with the beautiful birds, the iguanas, families of monkeys and raccoons - so cool. Trips to Father Roosters added to the fun. Snorkeling around to Gringo Beach was a great adventures. We have loved being so spoiled by Douglas, Anabel, and Mariela - their sweet, kind presence has been so special. Would recommend Antonio's snorkeling trip and cave exploration. ATVs and ziplining were a highlight. Thank you to Kendall for being so helpful on that trip. "G" was great getting us to and from trips into Coco Beach. Allen was so helpful and knowledgeable. Loved Francisco's welcome the first day and his checks on us. No works can truly explain the feelings as we prepare to leave this paradise!
-- Tom & Karen Boyd, Jake Boyd
-- Randy & Sarah Hutchinson, Hartwell, GA

December 2015
Christmas 2015 & 35th Wedding Anniversary
Everything was more than we expected!!! The food :-) , drinks :-) , pool :-) , tours :-) , all of it. The staff was always on task and was one step ahead of our needs. Will definitely be back!!
-- The Minnesota Smiths: Rick Jill, Kayla, Clayton, Erica & Tory, Rosemont, MN

Thanksgiving Week, 2015
Everyone from Alan to Kendell and our wonderful house staff was superb! Anabel's food was yummy. Gerald anticipated our every need and Mariela kept the house spotless. We crammed in everything we could do – zip-lining, horseback riding, massages, water slide, mud baths, and Rosa came to the house for a private massage. The safari was special also. We love the people of Costa Rica.

-- The Frazier Four, San Fernando, CA

December 8, 2017
Such an amazing experience in Costa Rica! My sister invited me on her family vacation and I’m glad I came. The staff was so gracious to us and made the states so enjoyable. The food was beyond delicious (gracias Daya). Girard was so attentive and Antonia made sure everything was top notch! I am already planning the next visit and want to stay at one of the other villas. Thank you Costa Rica Villas for the experience of a lifetime! Pura Vida!
-- Lea and the Davis Family

June 4, 2017
Wonderful vacation at Villa Mariposa! Thank you to Girard, Daya and Mariella for making it so relaxing and to Kendall and Alex for lots of fun. Snorkeling was awesome on Antonio‘s boat with Jose and Michael. Pura Vida!
-- Stephanie, Mike, Hayden Philip and Edward, Atlanta, GA

April 29–May 5, 2017
Words cannot describe how wonderful this place is and how wonderful the people are. We had a fabulous time – everything from the view, food, cleanliness and excursions were absolutely perfect! Thank you to Girard, Daya and Mariella for making our stay the most perfect vacation! Delicious, healthy meals couldn’t be beat. Until next time, Pura Vida! Mucho love.
-- Jeff & Patty Whitehead, and Ronnie & Jaime Dotson

March 19–26, 2017
Thank you for a wonderful week! The staff was amazing. They were so professional, kind and very helpful. We can’t wait to tell all of our friends and family to come visit and stay here. Muchas Gracias!
-- The Osbournes and Palennos

March 11–18, 2017
What a wonderful week. We are sad to be leaving tomorrow. It has been a wonderful time with friends and family! It wouldn’t have been nearly as enjoyable without the attentive care from Girard, Daya and Mariella. Wow! Their attention to every detail was certainly noticed. Daya is an amazing chef Girard went out of his way to ensure our every need was met and Mariella did a great job keeping the Villa spotless! The excursions were amazing. We certainly recommend the sunset sail – to die for! Thank you for an amazing trip! Truly unforgettable. Our girls loved at the pool too. “Mr. G” (Girard) was so kind to them and Daya, so accommodating.
-- Tim, Laura, Leah, James, Rosie, Danic, and Sam

January 21, 2017
Ola! Our time here at Villa Mariposa has exceeded all of my expectations. The gift of Mariposa is to reset and restore. I’ve been nurtured back to health emotionally, mentally and physically. Thank you, Lord Jesus, for the blessing of Costa Rica and bringing us to this beautiful place. Pura Vida!
-- Dee and James Cannon, Cumming, GA

We are grateful to God for all the beauty we have experienced this week. Thank you for providing an incredible setting for us to enjoy this wonderful country. The people, gentle, kind and joyful, are the best part. Francisco, Allan, Kendall, Antonio, Oscar, George, Warren, Girard, Julia, Daya, Hazel, Natalia, Mariella, all of Rosa’s staff, and countless other smiles! We loved playing with the urracas, seeing monkeys, birds, crocs, iguanas, and talking to parrots. The breezes, the ocean, the mountains and even the mud are magical here. Being cared for as if we were family, the food, the libations, the pampering are so appreciated. We came with dear friends to celebrate a birthday. We made many new friends and will forever carry our memories in our hearts as treasured gifts. To God be the glory.
-- Laura and James Graff, Swanee, GA

November 14, 2016
Wow! What an amazing vacation this is been! We have enjoyed Villa Mariposa so much, from the fabulous food, drinks, and services. The staff goes above and beyond their job. We felt like kings and queens. This is our first time being in Costa Rica and enjoy the beautiful country. We went on a river cruise, zip lining, river rafting and out to the ocean. Oh yes, and massages. Everyone was very friendly and full of information when asked a question. We will be back! Thanks to everyone!
-- Dave and Linda Gregson, Phoenix, AZ

July 2–7, 2016
We had such an amazing time here at Villa Mariposa. G & Ana were so kind! Ana made amazing meals and G was always asking us, "Would you like something to drink or are you finished?" They put so much effort and time into their jobs. We had an awesome experience ziplining, rock climbing, and rafting. Stephen was helping my two daughters and kept them safe during rafting. My husband and sons fished with Antonio's crew and had an amazing experience – snorkeling with them was perfect, too. We had relaxing massages and that was an amazing way to start the week. Pura vida!
-- The Huenes, Colorado

March 5–12, 2016
A week is never long enough when you find paradise. Great friends, breathtaking view, and stiff drinks are the perfect combination for an unforgettable trip. Every meal was phenomenal and every beverage was better than the last. Deep sea fishing, the canopy tour, the mud baths/hot springs, and simply lounging around the pool are some of the memories we'll carry with us forever. Thank you to the entire Villa Mariposa staff for treating us like family.
-- Mark & Rachal, Kyle & Viv, Brandon & Andrea, Chicago, IL / Saginaw, MI

January 17–24, 2016
We had a fantastic vacation with two great friends! Anabel makes the absolute best food, G is an amazing bartender, and Mariela did a great job all week with laundry and cleaning. We recommend Antonio's boat/snorkel tour and massages with Rosa and the gang. We know this will be a vacation spot we will come back to in the coming years. Thank you so much for the hospitality. Pura vida!
-- Stephen & Leesa Welsh, Pierre, SD

We had an amazing week with our two best friends. Allan was very knowledgeable and helpful setting up our tours. Absolutely *LOVED* Anabel's cooking. Every meal was so delicious!! Gerald, or "G" as we called him, was an amazing bartender. Mariela did a good job with our laundry and cleaning. There isn't one bad thing to say. We'd recommend Antonio's boat/snorkel tour. It was wonderful! Also ask for Rosa and her girls - best massages. This was definitely one of the best vacations we've ever had! We'll be back for sure! Thank you so much for all of the great times and the memories. Pura vida.
-- Rory & Christina Rohrenbach, Meridian, ID

December 26, 2015–January 2, 2016
We gathered our family together to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary, Brian and Leticia's 3rd anniversary, fun and adventures for son Craig and wife, Tina, and special moments for three grandchildren. View beautiful, weather spectacular, staff special - providing great food from Anabel, special attention from Luis our bartender to see every need met and a great sport playing cars with two year old! Our housekeeper kept our rooms cleaned with our own clothes washed daily. What a great time for all - ziplining, rafting, snorkeling, river exploration, and of course, the pool at the villa. Highly recommend this special place in truly a paradise!
-- Lee & Loretta McMaster, Ponte Vedra, FL / Ridgefield, CT
-- Brian & Leticia, Fairfield, CT
-- Craig & Tina, Purdys, NY

Costa Rica is a country you visit because you hear and see pictures of its natural beauty. Costa Rica is a country you return to because of its people. Anabel and Luis at Villa Mariposa were a huge part of our experience in Costa Rica, and we are grateful to be treated like family. We can't wait to see you again! Muchas gracias and God Bless.
-- Craig, Tina, Natalie, Devin & Shane McMaster, Purdys, NY

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